Looking For Something More? A Resource for the New Year!

happy-new-year-photos-free-download“We’re aware of Jesus, but we are obsessed with Christianity. We’re stuck on its requirements and we’re defined by its doctrines, caught in an endless struggle to find out where we fit, if we’ve “arrived” yet, and if we’re doing it right. We struggle with sin, and yet, because of the boundaries, we’re forced to decide between being honest about our feelings and hiding for fear we’ll be judged. In this state, we’re not living in the grace of Jesus. We’re trying to maintain our membership.

Our focus should be simply following Jesus. This means learning from Him, obeying His teaching, doing what He did. Instead of trying to define the line that separates the saved from the unsaved, we point to Jesus. We don’t have to “own up to” Christianity this way. We simply follow Jesus.

The gospel is not a what. It is not a how. The gospel is a Who. The gospel is literally the good news of Jesus. Jesus is the gospel.” 
Carl Medearis in Speaking of Jesus.

Are you looking for something more this New Year than yet another devotional or Bible study that simply give you more information about Jesus? Are you tried of managing and manipulating your relationship with God on your terms? Do you desire change that goes beyond tweaking your behavior and long for a way of living with an awareness of God’s abiding presence? We do not grow up spiritually by acting spiritual or doing “spiritual” things. We grow up by keeping company with Jesus and receiving life from him. That seems to be our real task in the spiritual life.

What if there was a resource that draws you into a way of being with Jesus that is transformational?

There is.

The 9-month Journey is a weekly, interactive, on-line resource/spiritual formation tool, created to help us live in such a way that keeps us open to the transforming, creative, redemptive presence of Christ in our lives. Each week includes a reading, reflection questions and a weekly spiritual practice. Designed to be interactive, it is best done in community and dialogue with others. So it’s perfect for groups but can be used by individuals. The “life to the full” that Jesus promised is more then a lofty ideal. With the help of the Journey, abundant living can become an on-going reality in our lives.

And right now you can get the Journey for $20 off the regular subscription price of $69. But hurry…it’s a limited time offer.

USE CODE: “Special” to receive your $20 discount.

You were made more something more, and you know it. This will help.

Happy New Year!

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