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Everything has changed. Whatever your ministry context, the kind of authentic leadership needed in today’s 21st century culture relies heavily on the person of the leader. Jesus invites us to give careful attention, i.e., to be “all there,” to the three essential dimensions of human life: God, self, and others; as those who listen and respond to the fresh, life-giving movements of God, whose life on the inside is congruent with the outside, and who embodies a grace-filled presence to others.

All There is about the soul of the leader and living and leading redemptively in the world. Ultimately, our wholeness plays an integral part in Jesus’ missional purposes. All There is unique in examining the role that attentive-ness plays as the basis for authentic ministry leadership.

What others are saying…

“Gail Johnsen introduces us to a dynamic form of authentic leadership…” LEONARD SWEET, best-selling author, professor, and founder of

In today’s leadership climate, I can’t think of a more timely book than this. DAVE E COLE, author of Refocus: Creating an Outward-Focused Church Culture

This is a summons to reshape how you spend yourself. As a minister, I am taking notes. And sitting a while. ROSEMARIE KOWALSKI

This is a must-read for those who have a deeper longing to keep in sync with the work of God we all desperately want to be a part of. BETH BACKES, pastor, speaker leadership coach

Every ministry leader should read this book. JODI DETRICK, author of The Jesus-Hearted Woman

All There is truly an incredible book! Every pastor and leader needs to read and digest this book. TROY JONES, pastor of New Life Church, Renton, WA

For Those Who Lead: A Training Resource (Ebook)


There are a lots of good leadership resources out there. How do we make sense of it all? As a leader of leaders or manager of a team, the prospect of compiling a leadership strategy and resources to train your leaders can feel overwhelming. Who has the time for this? Where do you start?

With the normal demands of time and energy, and the oceans of information and leadership resources “out there,” the prospect of wading through all the leadership books and strategies can be overwhelming. What’s needed is a comprehensive yet simple leadership tool to help give direction for leadership development in your team. What is needed is a step-by-step tool where, using the most recent leadership resources available, the research, strategies and organization has been done for you. You need a turn-key approach for leadership training.

LEAD (Leadership Equipping and Development is a yearlong, (11 sessions) ebook with a monthly two-hour training tool for leadership teams for busy leaders. Using a coach approach, each two-hour training session includes:
•A team-building exercise/activities
•Devotional (with instructions and ideas)
•Spiritual Formation (A 9-month, on-line resource you can use with your team)
•A book study (you pick the book from a suggested list)
•Personal assessments (links and instructions to the many personal awareness such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; DSIC Classic 2.0 Profile; StrengthsFinder 2.0, etc.)
•Leadership Videos
•Complete, details instructions/agenda for each session

Advent Reflections (Ebook)

This year we vow things will be different. This year we will slow down. We will spend less. We all want to live differently into the Christmas season…more reflective, less hurried, with more margin in our lives to give more of our time and our finances to our family and those in need. But all around we are rushed into some kind of celebration that equates love with spending.

In a culture and season cluttered with distractions, we seek to make room for what is real and essential. Advent Reflections is a devotional that invites us to be more attentive to all the moments and places where God is present in the midst of the hubbub.

With a short, insightful daily devotional (ebook), Scripture reading, and two reflective questions, Advent Reflections is perfect for individuals or families and offers us a way of living more intentional to the ways God comes to us that we might, like the wise men and the shepherds, respond with worship and wonder.

  1. Every so often I look through your recommended resources and dive into some new books. Thank you so much for this gift! The Pray as you Go website you mentioned has become a morning routine for me as I get ready. It’s beautiful. Thank you!!


  2. Here I am a year later, Gail! Still using your list of resources. Thank you- love you so much 🙂


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