Let the Weary World Rejoice!

Advent opens our eyes to the with-God journey when we have focused on lesser things.

A Resurrection People

All of this will take trust, that in the midst of brokenness there is a resurrection happening; Christ is bringing new life that you could never imagine or produce on your own.

A Seat at the Table

This is the Church’s finest hour. May at this table…our hearts have been prepared for this moment.

Marking Our Days, Empty Religion & Netflix

I appreciate Lent and the Church calendar. In our chaotic, scattered, unrelenting activity and noise of our days, they invite us to intentionally mark our days in mindful ways that would go unnoticed otherwise or be consumed by busyness. It’s easy for a year to go by without any significant spiritual markers that you can ...

The Land of the Speaking

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season. Lent has been equated with the spiritual geography of the wilderness. In fact, Lent was patterned after Jesus’ experience in the wilderness, where Jesus was driven by the Spirit after his baptism in the Jordan River. The 40 days of Lent originate from the 40 ...

Always, We Begin Again

Always, We Begin Again I love this wonderful and poignant phrase that comes from the writings of 6th-century monk, St. Benedict. Especially at the start of a new year, we are reminded that we are presented with countless opportunities for new beginnings.  Losing weight, getting out of debt, exercising, reading more books, learning something new, ...

All There: How Attentiveness Shapes Authentic Leadership

All There: How Attentiveness Shapes Authentic Leadership is written for ministry leaders…but whatever your context you will still discover it means to stay attentive to God’s invitations into a life not of our own making but into wholeness and the festivities of God’s kingdom purposes.

Perfectly Imperfect

It was a perfect display of our lives; pieced together, repurposed, a bit chaotic, unfinished, ill-shaped, wonderfully imperfect, and lovingly created.

Practices That Keep Us Sane – Part 2

A few years ago I heard a surprising definition of the word, “circumstances”. Circumstances means “standing around”. Hmmmm. Interesting. The more I thought about it, the more I understood its meaning. Circumstances are those things that are standing so close to us they block our view of God. They crowd in until all you can ...

Practices that Keep Us Sane in a VUCA World

No doubt our lives are on edge. Just look at the empty grocery shelves. Managers at Costco have to separate people fighting over water. Unwanted, and especially unexpected, change grabs the accompanying fear of the unknown. We panic. We become paralyzed. We tuck in. We grab whatever makes us feel safe and secure. There are ...