Gail Speaking at AC 2015One of my favorite things is to encourage and come alongside of women to help them find there is more to life and to God than they have yet experienced. There is always more! Yet, with over 20 years of ministry experience with women I understand that many of us live distracted, frenzied lives and we struggle to maintain the centrality of God in our day-to-day lives and invest our lives in what matters most. Rushed and preoccupied we often skim over our lives instead of actually living them. I also understand that in the midst of our crowded lives, a weariness can unknowingly settles into our souls. We are desperately in need of something more life-giving than all of our hurrying. Something sacred. It’s to these things I speak.

As well, with a Master’s degree in leadership and as a doctoral candidate in leadership I offer topics and training on leadership and cultivating women’s gifts, skills, talents and passions.

Speaking with personal candor and insight from my own journey of faith my speaking engagements has included women’s events: brunches, retreat, conferences, workshops, etc. (Like you I have also organized these events!) My speaking experience also includes preaching in the local church (including internationally). I bring with my experience the ability to connect with the audience, humor, and a passion for every person to experience life to full that Jesus promised.

I understand the difficulty in finding the right speaker for your event. Although I have a list of previous speaking topics (which can be helpful to you), I welcome your specific theme chosen by you for your event. It is my desire to come alongside of you and assist you in bringing about your specific objectives.

Thanks for checking out my page! I am honored you stopped by.

If you want to check my availability for your event, or if you have questions before proceeding further, I’d love to connect with you! Please email me in the contact form below.


My most requested topics:

Keeping Company With Jesus (3-Part Series)

  • Making Our Home in God: Just being with Jesus is transformational

  • Living Freely and Lightly: Training our hearts to be attentive

  • Unforced Rhythms of Grace: Responding to Jesus’ invitation to work with him, walk with him and watch him.


Telling Our Story: Overcoming Shame

It is the movement toward one another- a safe person-where we can tell our story that brings healing. Healing is grounded in vulnerability in a redemptive community where we don’t try to fix one another but we say…”Me too!” Shame cannot survive when come out of hiding we tell our story.

Recovering From Injury

Life has a way of wounding us. Injuries can occur any time, taking us by surprise…even when we are following the rules. Unless we pursue healing, we will hobble around with a tightness, a dull ache, most often a numbness, in our soul. Our wounded hearts, will harden and the ability to experience life in its fullest will diminish.

Exhale: When Life Gets to be Too Much

Busy lives. Packed schedules. Crowded hearts. Exhausted souls. Sometimes it’s hard to catch our breath! Jesus’ invitation to those who are weary: “Come to me.”


Making Peace with Perfectionism

Perfectionism doesn’t make you feel perfect…it makes you feel inadequate. But then…it’s never been about being perfect.

Thrive: Rising Above Our Fears

Our calling is to say yes to a different kingdom that invites us to live beyond our fears; to give ourselves away for the sake of others; to step into places that require more of us than I think I can give; to live creatively and bravely knowing we are participating in something greater than ourselves.

Getting a Grip on Prayer (3-Part Series)

  • Cultivating a Prayer-filled Life
  • Praying When You Don’t Feel Like It
  • Sustaining a Prayer Life

Present Perfect

Living fully present and fully engaged to the things that matter most in a distracted world.



Core Strength: Powerhouse Living For Everyday People (3-7 part series)

  • Recovering Your Balance
  • The Abundant Life is an Inside Job
  • Walking Worthy
  • Wait Watching
  • Strength Training: The Overload Principle
  • Cross Training – Breaking Through The Plateau
  • Daily Conditioning – Discovering the Significance of Routine


Find the Glory There

Discovering God’s purpose, power, and presence on the altar of the commonplace. When we embrace the ordinary and mundane moments, we put ourselves in places that “make room” for God to show forth his glory in our lives.

Delighting in Leading

Encouraging women to discover and walk in their calling and evoking authenticity, creativity, passion and service.

Forging a Healthy Soul

After 25 years of full-time ministry there came a moment when I had to admit that all was not well with my soul. I was so exhausted from trying to checking off the boxes in which I maintained control over my spiritual life and trying to make like work on my own. Doing all the “right” things and conformity to external do’s and don’ts does not bring life to your soul.


Women in quiet prayer

Hurried Sick: Finding Rest for Our Souls

Where to go when life get to be too much. When we are empty and spent, we don’t have to stop moving – we just have to move in different, more meaningful ways. We so desire to move more slowly and deliberately through the season, embracing different rhythms more in tune with our heart’s desires.

Finding Our Way

In a culture of distraction and packed schedules we find ourselves whizzing through life without time for any kind of reflection, space, or meaningful connection to God and even those we love. The consequence of all this dizzying haste is….we lose our way.

Fight Like a Girl

Instead of tearing each other apart or putting each other down, let’s create communities of women who raise each other into the fullness of what has already been established in us…because we do not want to waste one more day living a life that is not ordained for us.

Parenting/Mother’s Day

  • Mothering on Purpose
  • I’m Doing a Great Work and Can’t Come Down (Nehemiah)
  • Spiritual Training – A Matter of the Heart
  • Passing on a Spiritual Heritage
  • When Motherhood Starts Closing in on You
  • Patterned for His Purposes
  • Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours


Joy to the World


  • Beyond the Tinsel
  • Making Room for the Unexpected
  • Simply Christmas
  • Christmas Presence
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Thriving in the Holidays



My Audio and Video Clips


Watch my “She Speaks” Video on Living from a Healthy Soul

Go to 48 minute mark.




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