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CROP Gail 3.29.21Life is crazy! (I see you nodding in agreement!) “I am so busy” is the sigh of our day. So many things vie for our attention. We can get so distracted from the very thing that brings life to our souls. We are all at different places on our spiritual journey but one thing for sure….if you are like me, in the midst of your busy, scattered, and exhausted life you want to experience a change that goes beyond tweaking our behavior but a fundamental change deep in our soul. You want to experience the abundant, over-flowing life Jesus promised!

Whether I am speaking or writing, my passion is to invite others into what I have discovered…the being a Christian is not so much about doing, as it is about noticing invitations.  I hope you will join me on this life long journey of keeping our hearts attentive and open to the creatively dynamic work of grace in your life!

Professional Biography

Dr. Gail  Johnsen holds a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She is an ordained Assemblies of God minister, pastor, mother of four, author, certified life coach, popular speaker, and founder of Keeping Company With Jesus, an online spiritual formation tool that, in practical and engaging ways, helps us keep our lives centered on Jesus and develop authentic faith.  Her desire is to encourage others no matter where they are in their faith journey to recover their life and to know there is more of God than what they have already experienced.

Gail and her husband Darrel have served in full-time pastoral ministry for over 35 years. They currently serve as pastors at Faith Tri-Cities in Pasco, WA where Gail is the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Women and is involved in preaching, teaching, mentoring and leadership development.

Gail has authored three books: Her most recent,  All There: How Attentiveness Shapes Authentic Leadership is for ministry leaders who desire to live and lead from a place of spiritual and emotional well-being and authenticity in a skeptical culture.

LEAD: Leadership Equipping and Development, A Year-Long, Turn-Key Approach to Leadership Training for busy ministers.

An Advent Devotional: Advent Reflections: Let the Weary World Rejoice! You can check our more about these on the Gail’s Resources Page.

On a Personal Note

d-g-motorcycleI am blessed with an incredible husband, four amazing adult children and ten darling grand babies. When we are all together, I call it my wild, crazy, wonderful! Life is full in the ways I want it to be full. I love to travel (my favorite place is the place I’ve not been to yet!). I am an avid reader (okay, a little bit more than avid…I struggle to not let my books take over our home!) I love gardening and grow all sorts of berries because my family loves my homemade jam. I enjoy shared meals with good friends, and I especially love riding on the back of a motorcycle with my husband (because you get to wear leathers!).

Contact Information:

For speaking engagements other information you can find me on:

Facebook: Gail Johnsen

Twitter: @gailjohnsen


  1. Hi Gail,
    This is David Chittim. I know you from Northwest University (many years ago) and I think from your and Darrel’s early ministry at Auburn? I am living in Spokane. I am in private practice as a Mental Health Counselor (MA, MSW, LICSW). One of my clients told me about your blog, which had helped them in a difficult time. I intend to pass it on to some of my other clients who I think will benefit. Thanks!


    1. Hi David,
      Yes, I do rememebr you from Northwest! This is so exciting to think that my blog is doing what I intented it to do: encourage others to live a with-God life. I am delighted your client has found this kind of encouragement through it. I am even more delighted that you can use it so others might receive some kind of help through it as well. Thanks for letting me know. It’s such an encouragement for my day! Gail


  2. Dear Gail, You have changed my life! Thank you so much for investing your time at the Lake City Ladies retreat last weekend. I was so excited to go for a walk with Jesus this morning. Took a while to calm my mind, but when I did it was so wonderful to be calm and quiet and enjoy nature too. In this calm God laid on my heart words to share with a friend who is dealing with cancer. I just can’t express the calm I feel about everything today. You are so special and I thank God that you are sharing what he has been teaching you. May God continue to bless your life!!! Donna


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