Attentive Leader

Living and Leading Fully Present to God, Yourself, and Others


Based on the book, All There: How Attentiveness Shapes Authentic Leadership

Everything has changed. The kind of leadership needed in today’s 21st-century culture relies heavily on the person of the leader. People today looking for spiritual reality must first find it in a flesh-n-blood person who embodies the reality of Christ; possess an inner and outer congruence, and offers a grace-filled presence to others.

The goal of the Attentive Leader retreats is that leaders might come to order their lives around personal, ongoing practices of wholeness, which would allow leaders to offer those they serve a soul, shaped by God, that overflows into authentic, transformational, and life-giving leadership.

What if these ongoing practices of wholeness became the benchmark for faithful ministry?

The Attentive Leader Retreat is a three-day group setting. (Retreat may or may not be consecutive days, but can be spread out at your discretion.) Each one-day retreat (on-site or via ZOOM) covers one of the three themes of living fully present: (1) to God, (2) to self, and (3) to others. The retreats are strategically designed to create an environment different than a seminar. The schedule is crafted to create an informal and safe place that fosters open and honest dialogue. Participants will engage in interactive teaching, group discussions, participatory activities, and actual spiritual practices.


Gail is available to speak for one all-day session.

What others are saying from leaders:

I have been in Gail’s attentive leader sessions and I am a better leader for it. DON ROSS, Northwest Ministry Leader, and author of Turnaround Pastor

Gail, you took us well beyond my expectations for these retreats.  There were so many take-aways and helpful practices offered throughout your teaching.  I am thrilled to have my cohort of struggling pastors sit under your teaching and glean from you.  Kyle R.

You hoped for transformation…I have been transformed! The weight I lived with before retreat is gone! In its place if freshness and joy. How amazing that God would equip us with leading from brokenness, self-empathy, lament and telling our story. This journey has brought health into us and protected us from the isolation of image control and perfectionism.  Thank you so much for being his equipping tool in our lives. Gary B.

The strength of retreat? The authentic, compassionate, and trustworthy way that Gail leads. Mike H.

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