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Becoming Our True Selves

A few months ago my husband and I celebrated 37 years of marriage. Quite a feat considering where I came from: broken home and a long lineage of divorce. I am sure our marriage set some kind of Fleig family … Continue reading

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More Than Virtuous; Way More

  For years I’ve been at odds the with Proverbs 31 woman. To be honest, the way she has been preached as the over-achiever role model for all women, simply drives me crazy. What if I do not get up … Continue reading

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A Resurrection People

“We should cut it down,” he said, referring to the cherry tree after this harsh winter. I almost agreed. But then…I also understand that what appears to be dead can still possess deep , hidden life yet to burst forth. … Continue reading

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Observing Lent

“Lent is a space in time in which we are called to stop whatever we are doing, no matter how important it might be, and enter more intentionally into the disciplines of prayer, self-examination and repentance. But these disciplines—as significant … Continue reading

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I’ve Never Been This Way Before

Like you I am a bit giddy at the prospect of beginning again. I look forward to the freshness and possibilities that the New Year offers. There is something about being given a clean slate…a do-over or “reboot” in our … Continue reading

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Advent Begins Sunday, Nov. 27th

This year the season of Advent (the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas) beings on Sunday, Nov. 27th. Jesus’ coming was not just a one-time event as a child so long ago, but his coming invades our lives everyday if … Continue reading

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A Surprising Wholeness

“If the Lord had not been for us”…Psalm 124 Yesterday, as I pondered by these words, my mind retraced the many times God has literally saved my life. A home break-in. A mountain climbing slip. Running blind in the dark. … Continue reading

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