Keeping Company With Jesus

KCWJ LogoWe all want authentic, vibrant faith, but it doesn’t happen by chance. We have made Christianity about so many things: right methods, right doctrine, right behavior, right belief, principles for living, getting life fixed, rules, laws, and on and on it goes. But Jesus did not come to give us a religion or a set of beliefs, he came to give us Himself.

Keeping Company with Jesus is a 9-month, weekly, interactive, on-line resource/spiritual formation tool that starts and ends with the premise that simply being with Jesus is transformational. The good news is there are practices that help us be “all there”. The weekly posts includes a reading, reflection questions and a corresponding spiritual practice. Designed to be interactive, it is best done in community and in dialogue with others. So it’s perfect for groups but can be used by individuals. The “life to the full” that Jesus promised is more then a lofty ideal. With the help of the Journey, abundant living can become an on-going reality in our lives.

 It’s perfect for:

  • Small groups
  • Individuals
  • Leadership Teams
  • Discipleship groups

Why subscribe to The  KCWJ 9month Journey?

  • Each week you will receive an e-handout. Each handout has four components: an instructional reading; suggested spiritual practice; reflection questions; and additional resources.
  • Grab a friend (s). It’s ideal and designed for small community groups doing life together.
  • Open to men and women. Its on-line approach makes it available to journey with others who might not be in close proximity with you.
  • You can start at any time.
  • Work at your own pace. You choose how much time you will invest each week.

The 9-month subscription to the KCWJ Journey is available for only $35!

Where do I start?

  • Form a Group! Growth and change happens best in community with others. It’s perfect for small groups. So invite others to join you on this Journey!
  • Sign up! Your 9-month Journey can begin anytime. Be sure your companions on the Journey with you sign up at the same time. Click the “Sign Me Up!” link to get started.
  • Begin Receiving your Weekly Assignments!

Download a Sample

 Q & A

  •  What if I don’t have others do the Journey with me? The Journey can be done solo but we recommend you try to connect with others for conversation, perspective and encouragement.
  • How much time does it take each week? As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. Unlike a typical Bible study, the four components (an instructional reading; suggested spiritual practice; reflection questions; and additional resources) are designed to be integrated into your daily life which can provide continual spiritual nourishment, challenge and refreshment.


As I have read through the last couple of weeks devotions I have had a difficult time with words.  I am loving this study.  Kim N.

“This is so refreshing! Feeling like I am standing under a waterfall (all new information/insight) and it is washing me, refreshing me, reenergizing me, and grounding me deeper!” Sarah J.

I feel like I have taken my first true steps I my spiritual life. Lisa F.

I am realizing my walk with God is not difficult. Pam N.

This has allowed me to bring a better self to those I love and serve. Nicole P.

I take-away with me the possibility of FREEDOM from a whole lot of stuff, the possibility to be content, and the possibility to wholly grasp…to know, believe, and feel that I am God’s beloved. Sue T.

It’s been revolutionary to my life. I’m traveling lighter now- and I enjoy this Life With God. Emily H.

Slowly I am tearing down the walls and engaging fully in the adventure God has set before me. Cindy M.

I am at a point in my faith that I am willing to explore new ways to worship God, to spend time with Him in ways I never imagined. Sandy R.

How do I sign up!?

Click the button below to make your payment and then you will be redirected to a page where you can sign up for the weekly email assignments.

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