2015 Year in Review

Year in Review 2015Here’s my top 5 most-read blog posts for 2015:

  1. 7 Ways to Breath Life into your Bible Reading

In order the Bible to come alive in our hearts (and, thus, connected to our everyday lives) we are going to have to read it in an alive manner. Seven ideas for a fresh approach to God’s Word.

  1. Looking for Something More? A Resource for the New Year!

Every January we embark on “The Search.” The search for the perfect “devotional” to help us better achieve the spiritual life. This is a plug for my 9-month, weekly, interactive on-line Journey that is based on the idea keeping company with Jesus is transformational. Practices to help us live attentively and responsively to receive the abundant life He offers.

  1. A Cautionary Tale: Losing Your Soul for the Sake of the World

A MUST read for all leaders! Too often we sacrifice our own soul’s well-being helping others, believing the lie that burn-out is a normal consequence of ministry; one leader’s own story (podcast) of coming to realize her soul counts just as much in the Kingdom as anyone else’s.

  1. My “NET” Talk at the Northwest Ministry NetworkAnnual Conference

I had the privilege and honor to speak at the Northwest Ministry Network Annual Conference. It was a “TED Talk” format so I had exactly 5 minutes to speak to 1400+ ministry leaders. The theme was “With Jesus.” (Right up my alley!) This is the transcript from my talk.

  1. Recovering From Injury

Life is full of hurt. Injuries occur even when we are following the rules. The reality is we don’t have to hobble around any more with the tightness and pain. Is this easy? It’s incredibly difficult. Daily we are confronted again and again with the choice of surrendering our pain or retaining it. True freedom and healing from our hurt is available but we must partner with the process.

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