God of All Grace

Someone said it again this week.  In speaking of a trial they were going through, they said, “Well, God must want me to learn something.” For sure, tragedy has a way of adjusting our perspective. Someone has said, “Deep suffering makes theologians of us all.” I am more and more convinced, however, that it is not so much what you learn, like “I won’t do that again!” but what God reveals about himself in the midst of our suffering.

My husband and I were recently involved in a two motorcycle accident. While we sustained minor injuries, one of the other rider’s injuries was life-threatening.  After any incident like this, those precarious moments are often replayed over and over in our minds, wondering how things could have been played out differently.  As I reflected on the incident that day I began to see God’s mercy and grace punctuated throughout those moments.  For sure, it could have been worse in many ways. I now “see” evidence, multiplied over and over, that it was sheer grace that it wasn’t. What appeared to be catastrophic was in reality life-saving. What shouldn’t have been (like cell phone coverage in a destitute place) was.

1 Peter 5:10 defines God as the “God of all grace.”  This verse has come alive in my heart. Our self-revealing God is not outside our suffering, he is in the middle of it, revealing himself in ways we’ve yet to comprehend as the God of all grace. Beyond the pain is active, abundant, life-giving grace for those who are willing to look for it. This gives us great hope that no matter what lies ahead, our lives need not be defined by tragedy but by grace.

If you are going through a trial, don’t miss how God is revealing himself to you in the midst of it by focusing only on the pain. God wants to be your healer and your provider but also wants to be so much more. Adjust your gaze to see the grace that is around every corner.



  1. Gail, I am also recovering from a motorcycle accident that could have easily claimed my life, but I can see God is so many things since the accident. One of the really cool things was an event that we do every year in Austin, Tx. At the Republic of Texas rally we have been doing a free bike wash, but there was no way I could get there. So two churches, that had never worked together on an outreach even though they were in the same town, came together to make sure that our event went off without missing a beat. The pooled together the equipment so I did not have to send anything down there. Not only did it bring two churches closer together, the even was as good or better than when I am there. Plus, best of all, six people came to know Christ.

    There have been so many things where we have seen the hand of God operate even in our current difficult situation. 1%ers who have called to check on me. Opportunities to do ministry over the phone and via the internet that normally I would not have time for. Being able to contact more ministries about the free Book of Hope – Road Edition that Light For The Lost has funded so that we can provide these free to motorcycle ministries all over the US. Yep! God is still working.

    I pray that you and yours all recover and that God continues to use you to reach this community.

    In His Service
    R. Duane Gryder
    HonorBound MM – Motorcycle Chaplain
    National Coalition of Motorcyclists Christian Unity Council Member
    Assemblies of God US Missions #2605988


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