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God of All Grace

Someone said it again this week.  In speaking of a trial they were going through, they said, “Well, God must want me to learn something.” For sure, tragedy has a way of adjusting our perspective. Someone has said, “Deep suffering makes theologians of us all.” I am more and more convinced, however, that it is ...


Grace in Weakness

 “And so His people are still taught to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. When He strengthens them, it is not by taking away the sense of feebleness, and giving in its place the feeling of strength. By no means. But in a very wonderful way leaving and even ...


Stay Close to the Stream

In his book, Extravagant Mercy, (one of my favorite devotionals) Craig Barnes explains:  “The Bible often portrays the grace of God as a thin stream of refreshing water that perseveres in a desert land.  The only way our parched souls can survive in a spiritually desolate society is to stay close to the stream.  That ...