Category: Practicing the Presence


Rooted in Spiritual Reality

 The invitation by Jesus to “abide” or keep company with him (John 15: Matt. 11), is not so much about strategy as is being attentive to his continual, available presence. In other words, Bible reading and prayer are not the only two activities that count spiritually.  When we only view spiritual practices as prayer and ...


Pain That Does Not Define Us

Dr Larry Crabb in his book, “The Marriage Builder,” made this observation: “In Jesus’ day there were those who tore their clothes to show anguish at difficult circumstances verses the priests who were forbidden to tear their clothes. He writes, ‘The answer lies in a privilege accorded only to the priests. None but the high ...


Sacredness of the Ordinary

“When the crucifixion of Jesus is dramatized in the Gospels, we have this very interesting image of the tearing of the temple veil from top to bottom. Now the word for temple is fanum. Everything outside the temple was pro fanum. (Hence we get our word “profane.”) There was “the holy” and it was distinguished ...