Pain That Does Not Define Us

Dr Larry Crabb in his book, “The Marriage Builder,” made this observation: “In Jesus’ day there were those who tore their clothes to show anguish at difficult circumstances verses the priests who were forbidden to tear their clothes. He writes, ‘The answer lies in a privilege accorded only to the priests. None but the high priest knew what it was to stand in the presence of the Holy Place. Only he could approach God and live. Now compare his privilege of access with his responsibility not to tear his robes. The lesson is clear: Someone who has access to the immediate presence of God never has reason to regard anything as a disaster. When a person is aware of God’s presence in his or her own life, nothing that happens need provoke a sense of despair. To do so implies God is impotent to work for eternal good in our set of circumstances.”

 The Presence of God in our lives, made real by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, is a game changer.  No longer do our circumstances or pain define us or direct us. The sovereign Lord, who lives in us, is alive and well and actively involved in our souls redeeming all things.

 As long as we know God is up to something, even in the midst of our despair, we have hope.

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