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Let the Weary World Rejoice!

Advent opens our eyes to the with-God journey when we have focused on lesser things.

All There: How Attentiveness Shapes Authentic Leadership

All There: How Attentiveness Shapes Authentic Leadership is written for ministry leaders…but whatever your context you will still discover it means to stay attentive to God’s invitations into a life not of our own making but into wholeness and the festivities of God’s kingdom purposes.

Practices that Keep Us Sane in a VUCA World

No doubt our lives are on edge. Just look at the empty grocery shelves. Managers at Costco have to separate people fighting over water. Unwanted, and especially unexpected, change grabs the accompanying fear of the unknown. We panic. We become paralyzed. We tuck in. We grab whatever makes us feel safe and secure. There are ...

Pay Attention to Your Stirrings

According to the traditional church calendar, today is known as Epiphany. Epiphany marks the end of the Christmas season. I love Epiphany. Epiphany comes on the heels of the New Year and offers the same invitations to something new. Epiphany celebrates the pilgrimage of the Wise Men to seek, and subsequently find, the Christ child. ...

7 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Bible Reading

With Christmas behind us, our thoughts now turn toward the New Year. You are probably like and me and love the idea of new beginnings. January 1 offers us an opportunity to draw a line and start over. We all desire a way to begin again. Typically, we look at all the ways we want ...