A Wonderful Instruction for Life

crib2We are awaiting the soon-arrival of our seventh grandchild…a boy named Clive. Our son…pastor…reader of books…. is a huge C.S. Lewis fan. In case you do not know what C.S. stands for…it’s Clive Stapelton….who penned these remarkable words: “Let us go on and take adventure that shall fall to us.” A wonderful instruction for life.

My greatest moments were when I said “Yes!” to plans that were not my own. It takes faith and trust to leave behind cherished ideas, self-made plans, and tightly held control but there is no other way I want to live. Life is too short to miss God’s purposes and insist on your own way. If fear is the only thing keeping you from say “yes,” it’s not a good enough reason to say no.

So welcome baby, Clive. Seep well. An adventure awaits you that you know not of…I hope you say yes.

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