What are others saying about the Leadership Community?


There’s something about all of this that nurtures my soul and I just desperately need this place of being real – with God, myself, others. Jennifer

I am realizing my walk with God is not difficult. Pam

I am realizing the quiet things that happen in my life are important. Shari

This has allowed me to bring a better self to those I love and serve. Nancy

I’m tired of the same stuff round and round. Striving to obtain or arrive, when I need to enjoy His presence NOW. It’s an adventure where God allows me to walk WITH Him. I’m so excited and sitting on the edge of my seat! Rhonda

If I were to put this journey experience into a single word (if that’s possible) it would be freedom. Rachel

The words of the old hymn, “Just a closer walk with thee” sums up this Journey. Jamie

This journey reminded me of daily staying attentive to His presence in my life. Suzanna

I feel like I have taken my first true steps I my spiritual life. Lisa

So very thankful for the tools in my spiritual toolbox. I would be completely lost without them. Vickie

There is some deep healing going on in my soul. Judy

Gail, again thank you for being the instrument that opened our eyes and hearts to God in a way I never would have found on my own. Coleena

The next Leadership Community begins Sept. 15th! There’s still time to sign up! Don’t miss this transformational journey!

For more information, go to http://www.keepingcompanywithjesus.com

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