Keeping in Step with the Spirit

“Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.”  Romans 8:14

My interpretation of that verse: Those who follow the Spirit’s leading…they are the real deal.

This verse also makes me think of a dance.  In a dance some leads and it the job of the other to follow.  It doesn’t work if both want to lead.  One has to submit to the other.  When you are learning to dance, it tends to be awkward….but you first listen to the music and feel it’s rhythm.  Then you learn the moves and focus on the steps of the one who is leading.  When you do…you form a wonderful cooperative partnership that works in union with flowing synchronization.   That’s why we love to watch “Dancing the with Stars…” how they can take an awkward clutz and with the right leader….make something beautiful to behold. The incredible thing is this: after you have been dancing with someone for a long time, and you have learned and felt the nuances of the other, you become aware of even the slightest movement…a tip of the shoulder and a glance in any direction…and you respond seamlessly to that movement.

Our responsibility is simply to pay attention to the creative, on-going movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives…and to follow his lead.

  1. Good stuff, mom!


  2. Thanks, Brent! Glad you read it! (I’ll pay you later… 🙂


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