Fellowship of the Broken

Interesting.  My blog is infantile, by any standard of measure, but there is one post that has been viewed overwhelmingly over the rest.  It was the post on Woundedness.  What that tells me is…we are all wounded people. None of us is immune to pain whether self-inflicted or at the hands of others. We all share the same experience of brokenness.  We need to get our arms around this idea. We are the fellowship of the broken.  There are no perfect people here. None of us have made it through life unscathed. We all come to the same table with hearts and bodies in need of healing and restoration.

So where did we get the idea that we need to at least “appear” that we have it all together?  We do a great disservice to the Body of Christ when we can’t live authentically and vulnerably with one another. When we hold onto the illusion we’re all fine….this becomes a place that isn’t safe for our souls to come out.  It will take courage to live self-disclosing with one another.

 Once we recognize, however, our universal brokenness the One Another’s in the Bible make so much sense.  Be patient with one another, bear with one another, forgive one another, encourage one another….

So let it start with me.  I am wounded.  By my own hand…and at the hand of others.  I am broken in places not seen on the surface of things. I still struggle with self-protection, guilt and an ego, if left unchecked, would rule my life. I am disappointed in my ability to love more deeply and stay present with people in their pain and their joy. I am still on the journey to healing form wounds that happened years ago. I care more about what people think about me than I should.  I need your love and your forgiveness.  For I know I have disappointed you or hurt you in ways I am unaware of. By God’s grace I cling to Jesus and accept his offer of wholeness in the very fabric of my soul.

Someone has said: Be kind to everyone you meet; for everyone is fighting a fierce battle.

  1. Gail,
    What you wrote is so true. We need to be real with one another and as we take off our mask, others will also. I am working on this in my own life. I want to be more sensitive to those I come in contact with. Thank you for sharing this.



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