A Time for Courage

“As it turns out, Advent is a time for courage. Beyond gentle images of beautiful angels, lowing cattle, and an expectant mother, we are called to be aware of the darkness in us and around us. We are encouraged not to run from these realities by hiding our heads in the sand, but to be alert in the midst of it all. Advent is a time to be on guard, to be awake, to refuse to be so caught up in everything around us that we fail to recognize the nearness of Christ in that very place that feels desolate, confusing and beyond hope. It is a time to raise our heads and lift our eyes and watch for our redemption as it draws near.”   Ruth Haley Barton (Emphasis mine).

Although we long for a closeness to God, too often our fears leave us so terrified, we cannot stop our hurried, chaotic existence to see his coming. The hope, however, that we have that pushes against our fears is this…We hope as those who know we seek a God who comes into every space we create for him. 

How might you create space for Jesus’ coming in your life today?  For sure, this will mean slowing…and paying attention in some way or another.

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