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Embodying our Faith

“The spiritual life if first of all a life. It is not merely something to be known and studied. It is to be lived.” Thomas Merton I often remind the groups of women I mentor that the strength of our group and the basis of our own transformation is in living out our faith. Our ...


A Life of Gratitude

"We live in constant dependence upon this merciful kindness of the Father, and thus our whole life is a life of gratitude—a constant response to His help which comes to us at every moment." - Thomas Merton, Thoughts In Solitude Once I finally got my arms around the idea that the abundant life is not ...


Deeply Loved of God

Lent, for all of its journey into self-awareness, repentance, and prayer should really lead to one thing…falling into the arms of the One who calls us “Beloved.” This is not a journey to shore up our mastery of the disciplines or fine tune Biblical techniques. It is a journey of falling deeper in love with ...