Welcome to my blog!

I created this blog with the desire to encourage and inspire all who:

  • desire to cultivate a life with God, a life that was not lived on the surface of things

  • desire to move from a professed faith to a practiced faith

  • recognize their strategies for personal discipleship, no longer serve the deeper spiritual journey God seems to be calling them to now

  • no longer desire to make life “work” better but how they could, on a continual basis, stay attentive and available to the on-going work of God in their life.

  • are hungry for deeper realities in which their fragmented lives can find some measure of wholeness and integrity

  • willingly accept Jesus’ invitation to transformation through interaction with Jesus himself

  • desire discovering a way of living that is congruent with their deepest longings and embeding spiritual practices that allows them to live in ways that they want to be alive.

If this describes you, join the discussion! To help accomplish this mission you will also find links to great articles, art, videos, & even blog posts from other community members – All this to help equip you to be intentional & consistent in your spiritual formation that you might participate with God’s creative, on-going work in your life, embody His character and extend His kingdom.



4 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  1. Your blog is a reflection of the same issues we have been studying and reflecting on in our MAML studies at NU. I’d like to keep following your writings for my personal enrichment. Thanks, Gail!

    • gailjohnsen says:

      That’s awesome, Sonia! Have you checked out the Keeping Company With Jesus 9-month, on-line journey? (keepingcompanywithjesus.com) Might be a good spiritual formation tool for your students with Engage.Thank you for encouraging words!

  2. Jenny Gay says:

    I am glad I came upon your blog. It does seem to be very uplifting to know that I’m not the only one!

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