It is Here! Let the Season Begin!

The Season of Advent Begins Today!

For centuries, Christians made space in their crowded hearts at Christmas through participating in a daily devotion called Advent. The word Advent means “coming.” The season of Advent refers to the four-week period leading up to Christmas Day. Jesus’ coming was not just a one-time event as a child so long ago, but his coming invades our lives everyday if we have eyes to see.

A Prayer for Advent

Father, we live in a culture and season cluttered with distractions and busyness. We are desperately in need of something more sacred than all of our hurrying. We want to live differently into the Christmas season…more reflective, less hurried, with more margin in our lives to give more of our time and finances to our family and those in need. We want to be fully present to the things that matter most. We want to make room for joy and gratitude to have their place in our lives. Yet, as the season unfolds, we may still find ourselves whizzing through our obligations, and our good intentions get gobbled up in the relentless pace of push and shove.

So first of all, Lord, forgive us how we have used distractions to dull our deepest desires and allowed us to ignore the emptiness that has rooted itself deep into our hearts. Forgive us our distractions that mask our self-sufficiency, short-comings, and our inability to love well. Forgive us for the distractions that keep us far from you. Remind us to stop, to breathe, to pray.

Remind us to stop, to breathe, to pray.

I also pray for all of us who are weary from the pace of life. I pray for those of us where, just the thought of one more thing to do, brings a heaviness to our souls. I pray this season of Advent will serve as a nourishing rhythm for our runaway lives. Jesus, help us not get stuck in patterns of anxiousness and impatience and risk missing all the invitations for grace to have its way in our lives.

On this Advent journey to Christmas, may we be intentional to “prepare him room.” Jesus, teach us to attune our hearts to recognize all the ways you still comes to us. In sickness. In depletion. In the face of the poor. In the sighs of our children.

Lord, help us release any expectation of what your coming looks like in our lives and in doing so, may we be open to hope and find slivers of joy in places we are not used to seeing them.

May we move more slowly and pay attention to the places where, Jesus, you are near…and, somehow in the midst of the hustle and bustle, may our weary soul rejoice! Amen!

It’s not Too Late!

If you haven’t already found an Advent devotional, ebook Advent Reflections: May the Weary World Rejoice is just a click away. Just $2.99 on Amazon. For more information, check out: Advent Reflections.



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