For Those Who Lead: A Training Resource

I am excited to announce a new ministry training resource for busy leaders!

There are a lots of good leadership resources out there. Yet, as a leader of leaders or manager of a team, with the normal demands of and energy, the prospect of wading through all the leadership books and strategies and compiling a leadership strategy and resources to train your leaders can feel overwhelming. How do we make sense of it all? Who has the time for this? Where do you start?

What’s needed is a comprehensive yet simple leadership tool to help give direction for leadership development in your team. What is needed is a step-by-step tool where, using the most recent leadership resources available, the research, strategies and organization has been done for you. You need a turn-key approach for leadership training.

I am so excited to announce my newest ebook called: LEAD (Leadership Equipping and Development): A Turn-Key Approach to Leadership Development.

LEAD is a yearlong, (11 sessions) monthly two-hour training tool for leadership teams for busy leaders. Using a coach approach, each two-hour training session includes:

  • A team-building exercise/activities
  • Devotional (with instructions and ideas)
  • Spiritual Formation (A 9-month, on-line resource you can use with your team)
  • A book study (you pick the book from a suggested list)
  • Personal assessments (links and instructions to the many personal awareness such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; DSIC Classic 2.0 Profile; StrengthsFinder 2.0, etc.)
  • Leadership Videos
  • Complete, details instructions/agenda for each session
  • Sample coaching questions are provided for use in the training sessions; sessions are gender-neutral, and each session can be adapted to fit your context.



  1. Wow, Gail! You put out such quality resources. I can’t wait to learn more from you. Congratulations also- what a big accomplishment!! Big hugs…


    1. Shari, thanks for always being my biggest cheerleader!


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