Keeping Company With Jesus in Leadership Community

huggingDeveloping and maintaining spiritual health is a chief concern for ministry leaders who want to stay vital in ministry. Yet, if you have been in ministry for any length of time you understand the techniques or skills of ministry are far more easily learned than the rich, slow work of soul care.

This fall (Sept.) I am leading a Keeping Company With Jesus in Leadership Community. It is designed for Christian leaders connecting with other leaders in authentic community on-line over a nine-month period.

Lead personally by me, Gail Johnsen, our group will be designed to provide a spiritually enriching environment for ongoing encouragement and growth allowing us to establish rhythms that would sustain us in ministry over the long haul. We will meet over a nine-month period (Sept. 28, 2015 – May 23, 2016). It will be a hybrid approach in that we will meet at least 2 times in a Google Hangout format and continue the conversation via weekly email postings and dialogue during the remainder of the program. We will explore and practice a variety of spiritual disciplines which keep our hearts attentive, open, and surrendered to the already, on-going work of the Holy Spirit in our lives…all with the hope that when we return to the place of ministry engagement, we bring a more loving, wiser and more discerning perspective and offer to those we serve a quality of our presence shaped by God.

Why should you consider joining a Leadership Community?

A Leadership Community group is much different than a normal small group or Bible study. The focus is on our journey with God rather than on learning things about God. This isn’t about mastering a method but seeking relationship. Our goal is to seek the company of Jesus and learn to abide in such a way that Christ himself would become the shaping influence in your life and ministry.

What will you get from the Leadership Community?

Resources Include:

  • Weekly stimulating on-line assignments, which includes reading, reflection questions and a spiritual practice.
  • Resources for spiritual practices
  • Book List for additional reading
  • On-going weekly personal interaction and instruction from Gail Johnsen
  • Complete instructions and materials for a Personal Retreat
  • Accountability to a peer group and a learning culture with other like-minded leaders
  • On-going weekly dialogue in authentic community
  • 2 On-line Google Hangouts
  • Key spiritual tools that will assist you on your life-long spiritual journey
  • The potential to live and minister from a place of soul health and offer those you serve something life-giving and sacred.

All this with the intent that when we return to the place of ministry engagement, we bring a more loving, wiser and more discerning perspective and offer to those we serve a quality of our presence shaped by God. As a ministry leader, I know this is your heart as well.

What must you bring to the group?

It is above all a shared journey. This means you must be willing to hold an open and honest heart towards God and one another. It’s necessary you be willing to grow in self-awareness and self disclosing, living in vulnerably and authentically with one another. The Google Hangouts and participation in the regular weekly on-line “attendance” (dialogue and interaction with your cohort) is expected. A commitment to personal practice of the spiritual disciplines as well as a financial commitment is also required.

It is my hope that as we seek God together and intentionally make space for God in our lives through real-life practices, relationships and experiences, we will cooperate with God’s Spirit in bringing about real transformation in our lives and we will grow to be more like Jesus and in love towards those we serve.

9-Month Leadership Community Schedule
The next Leadership Community begins Monday, Sept. 28, 2015.

If you are interested in being a part of this Leadership Community or have any further questions, be sure to check out our website: Keeping Company With Jesus or you can contact me directly at

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3 Responses to Keeping Company With Jesus in Leadership Community

  1. kathleenshely says:

    This sounds so incredible! What is the financial commitment? And what time will be these be held at. I am working Tuesday -Saturday from 10-6:30. Thx, Kathleen (I lost my phone in the dumpster at work…and borrowed this phone so it looks like my emails are from Don…)

    • gailjohnsen says:

      Hi Kathleen! I am glad you are interested! The Leadership Community, however, is specifically for vocational, full-time ministers…BUT the GREAT news is that you can still receive all of this incredible material on-line through the Keeping Company with Jesus 9-month, on-line JOURNEY. Go to my website: and you can find more info. about it! Just sign up and begin receiving automated, weekly, on-line assignments with all the same material! My suggestion is you grab a friend or two and do it together…form your own community! (Just be sure you all sign up on the same day.) Community is part of our transformation.

      • kathleenshely says:

        I wondered why I never heard anything more! Lol
        I’m not as up on the internet as I need to be!

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