Sermon Series on Prayer: Finding God in All Things

I was privileged to co-preach with my husband this morning at Faith. Today, and for the next three weeks, we are sharing on prayer.

For many of us, we often labor in prayer under expectations and question that we don’t know how to move through.

Do you really have to name every person and prayer request?

Do you have to feel something?

If you don’t hear anything what does that mean?

Do you need to know what to say?

Is there a formula that I am somehow missing?

Can you pray wrong?

These tensions can trip us up and hold us back when it comes to actually praying.

Sometimes, instead of praying, we can find ourselves thinking about praying; evaluating how we are praying, figuring out what is proper or most effective…

But we never get around to actually praying. Why is that?

Check out what we had to say!

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