Embrace the Shake

Have you ever experienced the death of a dream? Have you ever walked away because the hoped-for resources dried up or the limitations became too great? Have you ever felt paralyzed because there were too many options and you were afraid of getting it wrong? What if those limitations were the seedbed for your greatest creativity? What if getting stuck is a pre-requisite for getting unstuck? What if the trial you are going through becomes the birthplace for unimaginable joy?

Watch this incredible TED Talk video of an artist who turned his limitations into inconceivable art.


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2 Responses to Embrace the Shake

  1. Thank you Pastor Gail for sharing this. When stuff comes crashing down and we’re stuck, we can look to God, who is in the business of repairing and restoring and making new beginnings out of old, dead things. 🙂

  2. gailjohnsen says:

    SO TRUE! The message of the gospel is the promise that out of death comes life! Life…more than we ever imagined or dreamed. Thank you for your good thoughts and kind words.

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