Free Advent Resource 2013

1459854_10202188895339232_1468730497_a“I just want Christmas to be different this year.”

How many times have we said that either to ourselves or to our families? How often have we considered the approaching holidays with dread? We want to live differently into the Christmas season…more reflective, less hurried, with more margin in our lives to give more…of our time and our finances to our family and those in need. But all around us we are rush into some kind of celebration that equates love with spending.

This year, we vow, things will be different. This year we will slow down. We will spend less. We will be attentive to all the places and moments where God is present in the midst of the hubbub.

So what how does that happen? What can you do differently that could possibly make this kind of space in your life for you to attend to the things that matter most to you?

For centuries, Christians prepared their hearts for Christmas through participating in a daily devotion called Advent. The word “Advent” means “coming.” The season of Advent refers to the four-week period leading up to Christmas. It is seen as a time of preparing our hearts to recognize the coming of Jesus, God incarnate, not just as a child but his coming into our everyday lives all year long. Advent begins THIS Sunday, Dec. 1st.

If you are like me, I did not grow up observing Advent. It was only after I had children did I come to understand and appreciate its significance. We have had Advent devotions with our children for over twenty years now (I always made sure it was age appropriate…there are lots of resources out there) and my children have now carried that tradition into their homes and holiday devotions.

I have written an Advent Devotional, “Advent Reflections 2013” as a tool to help you slow down and keep your heart in a place of wonder and anticipation rather than distraction.

It is my hope that this Christmas will be different. In the midst of our frenzied lives I hope this tool allows you to pause and pay attention to the places where God is near…and experience a meaningful connection with Christ.

Here is the link to your free digital copy:

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