Let Him Easter in Us

“Let him easter in us, be a dayspring to the dimness in us.” Gerard Manley Hopkins

In her book, Small Surrenders, Emilie Griffin writes, “’Let him easter in us,’ wrote Gerard Manley Hopkins in his poem The Wreck of the Deutschland. In this case, ‘easter’ is a nautical term. It means steering our craft towards the east, into the light.  Throughout the forty days of Lent we have been heading toward the light trying to shake the darkness, the doubts, the burdens of living, the heaviness of heart. By walking Christ, letting him easter on us, we mean to turn to the right direction.

In his writings, St. Paul makes an extraordinary claim, repeated at least fifty times, that we are in Christ. When I let Christ easter in me, I am changed in ways that I don’t fully understand. Christ in me can transform my attitude and give me simpler outlook, a more childlike hope. Something-I think it is grace-brings me into the garden with Jesus. It is Christ who comes to Easter in me.”

Hopkins poem was his expression of faith to a disaster that left with great loss and sadness. Much like we all experience. When these kinds of sufferings threaten to catch us up in the shadow side of the darkness, his prayer is that we turn our face toward God and his light will dispel the darkness just as the brightness of day overcomes the night. When we do, we open ourselves up to God’s love and to our own transformation.




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